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Solution for Un-even breasts, In-between Bra Cup Sizes,
and Different Size Breasts

No Need to Stuff Your Bra Cup with Insert to Make Your Breast Look Even!






You do not need your exact cup and band measurements
to buy MySuperBra® like you do with other brassieres. 


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International Bra Size Conversion Chart







32 A

70 A

85 A

1 A

10 A

70 B

34 A

75 A

90 A

2 A

12 A

75 B

36 A

80 A

95 A

3 A

14 A

80 B

32 B

70 B

85 B

1 B

10 B

70 C

34 B

75 B

90 B

2 B

12 B

75 C

36 B

80 B

95 B

3 B

14 B

80 C

38 B

85 B

100 B

4 B

16 B

85 C

32 C

70 C

85 C

1 C

10 C

70 D

34 C

75 C

90 C

2 C

12 C

75 D

36 C

80 C

95 C

3 C

14 C

80 D

34 D

75 D

90 D

2 D

12 D

75 F

36 D

80 D

95 D

3 D

14 D

80 F

We do not guarantee that the chart is correct, nor that it exactly corresponds with our sizing
as every manufacturer have unique sizing system.


Frequenty Asked Questions

My breast is one size bigger than other one. How to order the right size?

Always BUY MySuperBra® size THAT FITS YOUR SMALLER BREAST!  You are NOT ADDING INSERT to the cup with smaller breast like in other bra designs.

My breasts are asymmetrical and almost same size. Do I need to buy a smaller size MySuperBra®?

IF YOUR BREAST ARE ALMOST THE SAME SIZE, or one is more down than other, or any other un even issues, you do not need to buy a smaller size MySuperBra®.

I always buy bra that fits my larger breast. Is your bra going to squeeze my larger breast and I will be 'Spilling out of the cup'?

The options that are available for women are all the same: buying bigger cup and stuffing smaller cup with the insert to even out different breast sizes. The critical difference between the standard bras that you are accustomed to wearing and MySuperBra® is that the cups of MySuperBra® are not fixed to the bra body. MySuperBra® cups ‘free-float’ behind the stretch fabric. This proprietary design accommodates variations in breast sizes and shapes within the same size cup. 

How do I make my breast look even?

It is simple as repositioning your breast. Please see our video:

 How to Wear MySuperBra

I have it all: one breast is larger than other one, one is down and other one is up. Will MySuperBra® make my cleavage look even?

Yes and yes! Imagine you can place your breasts in a bra exactly in a position that you would like. And they actually stay like that. With no inserts. No tapes.

I just want a bigger cleavage. I do not have breast with different sizes.

MySuperBra® instantly delivers explosive cleavage even for the A cup size! See our video how to enhance your cleavage here:

 MySuperBra Solution

My both breasts are D cup and they are asymmetrical. Is MySuperBra® for me?

No. Only if one breast is size C and other is going on D.

Are those inserts in MySuperBra®?

No. They are 2 parts to the bra cup. Outer layer is stretchy and supports the inner cup which is padded for support. Inner cup is smaller than outer and it is partially attached to the outer cup, therefore it is MOVABLE.  You will use this inner cup to adjust your cleavage symmetry. There are only 3 cup sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

I do not understand how do I exactly use MySuperBra® to even out my breasts?

With one hand lift up your smaller breast and bring it up and towards the middle of your chest. With your other hand, gently pull down on the cup. Do the opposite with your larger size breast: move it away from the center of your chest. When you let go, your breast will stay in that position and will be supported by the cup. Tying the bow will position your breasts closer together. You can adjust your desired amount of cleavage. Also see our video here:

 How to Wear MySuperBra