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  • I just wanted to let you know how I liked the MySuperBra I just ordered. I love it! The trim was a bit itchy when I first tried it on but I noticed with a bit more wear I stopped noticing it -- the first day, I actually fell asleep wearing it! I was reading and the next thing I know I woke up and it was 3 hours later. It is possibly the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. I don't feel like I have a suit of armor on for once. I am dealing with noticable asymmetry, which means I always have to go up a cup size, and I always have to opt for extra padded bras to compensate for the asymmetry which does not always make for the most comfortable fit, and, frankly, makes me feel like I am wearing some form of torture device. MySuperBra is the only bra I have ever worn that I feel the assymetry is not noticable. I may be hyper-sensitive to it, but I notice these things, and it leaves me feeling extra self-conscious. With MySuperBra, I finally don't feel conscious of it! The other thing that this bra has done is pulled me in side to side, so now that I have less "East-West" going on with my decolette, I tell you, it was almost like an instant weight loss. I look more narrow and feminine (in my eyes). I have very broad shoulders and I feel so much less like a linebacker. Thank you! I love this product and I look forward to purchasing more from you, and I sincerely hope you will come out with a colorful line to choose from, because I like to have fun with colors. :) ~Cheryl
  • Many bras claim to be miraculous, but this one truly is. At first, when I put the bra on, I wasn't sure, but I was soon converted. Why? Because it's made to fit differently than most bras, hence the word "MY" in MySuperBra. The bra is intended to shape your based on your curves and you actually work with the bra to get a "glove-like" fit. It takes just a few seconds to get everything in place and BAM, off you go, shapely and confident! It's not like your standard bra that has no ability to conform; this bra is flexible to you. Did I mention it's gorgeous and sexy too! And for me, as a breast cancer patient/survivor, it's healthy - a non-toxic bra. What better place to put on something sexy, flattering, form-fitting and healthy than on our breasts! It's true miracle. Thank you Seka for making MySuperBra! ~Miriam Zimms, Tampa FL
  • As a woman that normally wears 32B (but actually can't even call herself a "true B") with breasts that are somewhere between an A and B, finding a flattering bra can be quite challenging.  I am always searching for a little "oomf", especially when wearing some of my favorite lower-cut shirts, and have tried every push-up under the sun.....but they all seem to fail in the cleavage department!  When I tried MySuperBra for the first time, I was a little skeptical about how it would work....but it exceeded all of my expectations!  I wore it out to dinner with my boyfriend (now fiancee!) with a dressy v-neck top and really couldn't believe the lift it gave me....and neither could he!  It is also nice that the top of the bra is stylish, it almost looks like it could be part of the shirt you are wearing!  I only own the white style but am looking forward to owning the black one as well- it is perfect for a special night out....or every day, especially for us small-busted gals!  Thank you! ~Lindsay Peterson, New York, NY
  • I never could find a bra that matches my size (36AA), and this bra has finally solved the problem. It feels very comfortable, moves with the body (and not independently, as my other bras do). And it looks very natural on me, increasing my size and making clothes fit me much better. I guess it was this bra - or surgery (and I hate surgeries!). Thank you, Seka! ~Faith, NY
  • My name is Denise and I'm 44 years old. When I posted pictures of myself wearing MySuperBra on Facebook, my female friends went crazy! They called me and e-mailed me and begged me to tell them where they can purchase MySuperBra. I don't have enough time to answer to all of them! Also, my male friends are excitedly commenting on my photos as well. I'm so happy with the new look that I wear MySuperBra all the time! Thank you! ~Denise, NJ
  • I'm 60 years young and for the first time in my life I'm able to wear tops that show my cleavage. Before I discovered MySuperBra, I had nothing to show and never wore open shirts. ~Olga, PA
  • I love MySuperBra so much that I've considered wearing it as a swim suit top. Many of us women have problems finding a top that makes us look good at the beach. Seven of my closest friends bought MySuperBra the past two days. Are you making a swim suit top version of MySuperBra so that we all can look great at the beach too? ~Diane, FL
  • I've got to tell you: when I wear MySuperBra I feel so confident and beautiful…you should see the traffic stopping when I cross the street! Cars honk and people are looking at me, and I love it! Thank you for making me feel special! And by the way, my breasts look two sizes bigger and my boyfriend loves it! ~Stephanie, NJ
  • I love the fact that I can wear the same bra and achieve two different looks. I love MySuperBra! ~Brigit, SC