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Bandeau-Design’s Corporate Philosophy and Social Responsibility Statement

Bandeau-Design, Inc. along with our partnering manufacturers and suppliers nurtures a unified philosophy of corporate social responsibility which consists of the following three underlying operating principles:

  1. We are committed to offering luxurious, superior-quality textile and beautification products which meet voluntary international testing standards for safe-materials and substances for consumer wear.
  2. Our products are produced in an ecologically responsible manner with strong stewardship for the protection of the environment in the countries in which they are produced.
  3. We mutually ensure ongoing compliance to international fair labor standards and practices for the workers dedicated to creating our products for our consumers.



Our signature brassiere, MySuperBra®, has every material component tested for harmful chemicals by independent certification organization Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 ( and our manufacturers and suppliers are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative ( 

These international organizations ensure the safety (no harmful skin-irritants, allergens, or carcinogenic chemicals or dyes are used to treat our fabrics, e.g.) of MySuperBra®, while demonstrating our unified commitment to the ecology and the fair treatment of workers whom lovingly create our products. 

Bandeau-Design’s products are made from the finest quality materials and substances, are tested safe to wear, and are created in ecologically responsible production processes by workers whom are treated fairly and are paid fair wages for their craft. Our signature brassiere, MySuperBra®, is only available for purchase directly through our web-site or from the authorized retailers posted on our web-site.


We are not in business to offer cheap, poorly-made, unsafe bra products at low prices because cheap price generally dictates sub-standard, unsafe, and untested materials being used that could harm our consumers. Additionally, offering our products at a cheap price does not encourage fair labor practices and fair wages for workers and does not promote adherence to environmentally-friendly production processes where our products are manufactured.


When we purchase “cheap” products we risk personal injury, we inadvertently contribute to unfair labor practices, and we are rarely informed about the negative environmental impact that the production of these potentially unsafe products has on the environment(s) in which they are manufactured.

Bandeau-Design’s signature brassiere, MySuperBra®, is made in Turkey, the internationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of safe, superior-quality textile products and also possesses a strong trading relationship with the United States. We share a mutual commitment with our Turkish-based manufacturer to improving the quality of life of the workers whom create MySuperBra® through our compliance with safe and fair labor practices while ensuring that eco-friendly production processes protect the neighboring environment for future generations. 

Bandeau-Design products are not produced or manufactured in countries where adherence to product safety, fair labor practices, and ecologically-friendly manufacturing processes are questionable at best.

Bandeau-Design products will be copied by unlicensed manufacturers in such a way that you will never know that they are not an officially licensed Bandeau-Design original creation, unless you purchase our products from our web-site directly or visit or one of our approved authorized retailers listed on our web-site. Unlicensed imitators will offer cheap and potentially unsafe versions of our products because these copycats lack creativity, courage, and a commitment to the corporate social responsibility principles which Bandeau-Design operates under.

Imitation, copycat, cheap bras can contain cancer causing substances
that are harmful to wear.


“We live in a world where many companies are not taking the initiative to adhere to voluntary material testing standards which ensure that the materials and substances used in the creation of their products do not have harmful effects on the very consumers who wear and use their products, rather their focus is on bottom-line profits.

Today, we cannot expect companies to comply with international, voluntary product material testing standards and to put our safety, the fair treatment of workers, and the stewardship of the environment at the top of their corporate responsibility list. Rather we consumers must stay educated, informed and make responsible purchasing decisions from companies that make these corporate social responsibility principles the essence of their very existence.”

MySuperBra®, No One Will Ever Look Better Than You! When you purchase MySuperBra® from our web-site or one of our authorized retailers, you have the security of knowing that you are purchasing a safe product to wear that conforms to the social and environmental principles that we share together.


Bandeau-Design Founder and President

Séka Kaytes