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Made For An Exacting Woman Who Demands Exceptional Quality

MySuperBra® is not for every woman, but rather is made for an exacting woman who demands exceptional quality combined with luxurious comfort for a naturally voluptuous appearance. 

The superior quality of the fabric and materials were secured with demanding quality and safe-wear tested specifications by creator Séka Kaytes.  The manufacturing process required to make MySuperBra® is labor intensive.  Approximately three times the amount of hands-on labor time and specialized machinery is necessary to produce MySuperBra® than an average, designer brassiere.

The proprietary foam cups of MySuperBra® have been exclusively designed by Seka Kaytes and are available on no other bra in the world. These unique cups are manufactured with the finest quality, safe-wear tested (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100) material components.

MySuperBra® cups will not discolor, are exceptionally comfortable, and “mold” for a customized fit around the individual characteristics of each breast, enabling each woman to position each breast where she wants it to be.

MySuperBra® is engineered with ‘Personalized Fit Technology'
which ensures that
In MySuperBra®, “No One Will Ever
Look Better Than You!"© 

If you are an exacting woman who demands exceptional quality with a perfect fit, then MySuperBra® will
exceed your expectations. 

Creator’s obsession with consumer safety has lead to the incorporation of stones found in nature as decorative elements in her designs.hematite_stone


The naturally occurring element Hematite is a mineral form of iron oxide. The content of iron in hematite is one of the highest among all the spiritual crystals. In astrology, iron is associated with the planet Mars whose attributes are strength, strong will and courage. In meditation, hematite is used as the grounding stone for protections. Hematite is popular in jewelry making and is used in art such as “intaglio engraved gems”.